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  2. WASHINGTON (R) -The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a bid by states, including coal producer West Virginia, and industry groups to limit federal power to use the landmark Clean.
  3. The Supreme Court (also known as SCOTUS) is made up of nine justices: John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Stephen Breyer, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and.

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Website. www.supremecourt.gov. Supreme Court Building in Washington, D.C., 1935 unter dem Architekten Cass Gilbert errichtet. Der Oberste Gerichtshof der Vereinigten Staaten ( englisch Supreme Court of the United States [ sʊˈpɹiːm kɔɹt ], abgekürzt als USSC oder SCOTUS) ist das oberste rechtsprechende Staatsorgan der Vereinigten Staaten Today, for the first time in more than a decade, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case involving the Second Amendment. While the appeal in New York State Rifle and Pistol.

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Two conservative Supreme Court justices appear open to abortion providers being able to challenge Texas law By Ariane de Vogue , CNN Supreme Court Reporter Updated 4:42 PM ET, Mon November 1, 202 The Supreme Court. We are the final court of appeal in the UK for civil cases, and for criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Supreme Court hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population This is the YouTube channel for the Supreme Court of New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The Supreme Court is the highest court in NSW. It has unlimited civil jurisdiction and hears the most serious. DURHAM, N.C. -- The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a Second Amendment case Nov. 3 bringing massive implications for the decision-making process used to decide whether a person can carry a gun in public. It will be the first major Second Amendment case at the nation's highest court since the landmark District of Columbia vs. Heller case in 2008, when the court struck down a Washington, D.C. The Supreme Court of New South Wales. The Supreme Court is the highest court in New South Wales, Australia and was established by the 1823 Charter of Justice. More..

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The U.S. Supreme Court will begin hearing arguments in a case challenging New York state's concealed weapons permit process on Wednesday. The case represents the first major gun rights case the court has taken in over a decade. The gun-rights case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, challenges the state's rule that it will only issue concealed carry permits to individuals. On Monday the Supreme Court will take up challenges to Texas' new anti-abortion law, the most restrictive in the nation, exactly two months after it took effect

Attorneys for the state of Texas will appear before the Supreme Court today to fight for the state's abortion ban, that has saved thousands of babies from abortion.They will take on Joe Biden's lawyers, who want the nation's highest court to block the abortion ban while the lawsuits from Biden and the abortion industry continue in lower courts A bench comprising Chief Justice N V Ramana and justices Surya Kant and Hima Kohli would hear the Lakhimpur Kheri case today. New Delhi: The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear on Monday (November 8, 2021) the matter related to the October 3 Lakhimpur Kheri incident in which eight people, including four farmers, were killed in violence during a. Supreme Court to hear hear Lakhimpur Kheri violence case today. The court is hearing the case suo motu after two lawyers wrote to the Chief Justice of India seeking a high-level judicial inquiry. Today, there is one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices of the United States Supreme Court. Like all federal judges, justices are appointed by the President and are confirmed by the Senate. They, typically, hold office for life. The salaries of the justices cannot be decreased during their term of office. These restrictions are meant to protect the independence of the judiciary from the. USA TODAY. View Comments. WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court hinted Monday it may ask lower courts to take another look at a case involving FBI surveillance of Muslims even as the government has.

Supreme Court won't stop COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Maine health care workers. John Fritze. USA TODAY. View Comments. WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court on Friday declined to block a vaccine. The Supreme Court on Monday will hear the case later today related to the October 3 Lakhimpur Kheri incident in which eight people, including four farmers, were killed in violence during a farmers' protest. A bench comprising Chief Justice N V Ramana and Justices Surya Kant and Hima Kohli, which had on October 8 expressed dissatisfaction over. The Supreme Court is the only federal court that has jurisdiction over direct appeals from state court decisions, although there are several devices that permit so-called collateral review of state cases. It has to be noted that this collateral review often only applies to individuals on death row and not through the regular judicial system

The Supreme Court (initialism: UKSC or the acronym: SCOTUK) is the final court of appeal in the United Kingdom for all civil cases, as well as for criminal cases originating in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It also hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population. The Court usually sits in the Middlesex Guildhall in Westminster, though it. Supreme Court to hear Trump appeal of ruling over border wall funding. US politics. Supreme Court to review Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy. US politics. Fauci not surprised Trump got Covid. Kijakazi Oral Argument. The U.S. Supreme Court heard the oral argument in Babcock v. Kijakazi. After his retirement as a dual-status technician with the. October 12, 2021. Cameron v. EMW. Supreme Court: Find Latest Stories, Special Reports, News & Pictures on Supreme Court. Read expert opinions, top news, insights and trends on The Economic Times. Have you read these stories? Delhi's air quality very poor for 2nd day on trot. Updated: Nov 03, 2021, 08.48 PM IST. According to reports, the meteorological agencies have predicted an AQI of 500 plus for Thursday and Friday when. Each weekday, we select a short list of news articles, commentary, and other noteworthy links related to the Supreme Court. To suggest a piece for us to consider, email us at roundup@scotusblog.com. Here's the Thursday morning read: Supreme Court majority skeptical of New York law that limits carrying handguns in public (John Fritze, USA Today

Supreme Court may strike down New York gun control law. 00:26. This week the Supreme Court will hear arguments over New York's restrictive gun law that requires special permission to carry a. BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the appeal of a former Connecticut nurse convicted of killing and dismembering his college student girlfriend in 2013. Jermain Richards, of Bridgeport, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 60 years in prison for the killing of Alyssiah Marie Wiley, a 20-year-old sophomore at Eastern Connecticut State University. Supreme Court to hear hear Lakhimpur Kheri violence case today. Bebaak Desk November 8, 2021 0. The Supreme Court on Monday is scheduled to hear the October 3 Lakhimpur Kheri violence case (in Uttar Pradesh) in which eight people were killed, including four farmers. A bench comprising Chief Justice NV Ramana and justices Surya Kant and Hima Kohli will be hearing the matter. The top court had. Official website of the Supreme Court of Ireland. Information about the Court, members of the Court, judgments, the Irish legal system and the Constitution of Irelan Defenders of the Texas law have invoked a 1908 Supreme Court decision, Ex parte Young, that appears to bar lawsuits to restrain state courts. But the broader meaning of the 1908 case, Justice.

On Monday the Supreme Court Monday heard oral arguments on a controversial Texas Law that has virtually ended abortions in the state. A majority of justices signaled they would be willing to let. Supreme Court hears Texas abortion law arguments, Kagan knocks 'geniuses' who wrote it Texas law S.B. 8 would ban most abortions at about six weeks, when fetal heartbeat may be detecte LISTEN LIVE: Supreme Court hears arguments on FBI surveillance of Muslims (audio only, dumb rule does not allow video in the Supreme Court) More news and commentary posted today NY Post Jay-Z praises Dave Chappelle as a 'brave super-genius' amid Netflix uproar; U.S. Sun How old is Sarah Jessica Parker and what is her net worth? UPI Newswire Supreme Court hears religious discrimination. Here's what's at stake. All eyes will be on the U.S. Supreme Court today when the high court will take up the first major Second Amendment case in more than a decade. The case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, could have major implications for states and their ability to regulate guns, according to three Duke University. Supreme Court India News, Supreme Court Judgement, Verdict and Order Today Live News and Updates: Find Supreme Court of India Latest breaking news, Verdict and Judgement News, headlines,pictures and upadets news photos

He said he was sincerely grateful to the Supreme Court, his attorneys, advocacy groups and others who supported him. Today, we can go to work without the fear of being fired for who we are. The Supreme Court kicks off its next term Monday, hearing its first in-person oral arguments since the coronavirus pandemic forced the proceedings to go virtual 19 months ago Harvard Law Today: How is the number of Supreme Court justices decided?In other words, why nine? Mark Tushnet: The number of Supreme Court justices is set by statute and has varied from six to 10 (briefly, during the Civil War era).It's been set at nine since 1869, and many constitutional scholars think that the failure of FDR's so-called Court-packing plan in 1937 created a. The Supreme Court has formally rejected a handful of cases related to the 2020 election, including disputes from Pennsylvania that had divided the justices just before the election. The cases the justices rejected involved election challenges filed by former President Donald Trump and his allies in five states President Joe Biden won: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.(AP. U.S. Supreme Court Recent Cases. Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1760. Supreme Court opinions are browsable by year and U.S. Reports volume number, and are searchable by party name, case title, citation, full text and docket number. FindLaw maintains an archive of Supreme Court opinion summaries from September 2000 to the present. Summarized cases.

history dept. The Surprisingly Strong Supreme Court Precedent Supporting Vaccine Mandates. In 1905, the high court made a fateful ruling with eerie parallels to today: One person's liberty can. The Supreme Court was on the right side of history last week, and they are again today. Hope Medical Group for Women WON and the Whole Woman's Health precedent still stands in the USA. We're. The Supreme Court of Nigeria (SCN) will today, October 21 in Abuja, unveil a new set of Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SANs, DAILY POST has gathered. Their unveiling is coming after four months of.

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The Supreme Court today seemed likely to reinstate the death penalty for convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Supreme Court of South Australia Registrar's Office. Postal address: 1 Gouger Street Adelaide, South Australia, 5000 +61 8 8204 0289 +61 8 8204 1357. Transport. Adelaide Railway Station. Victoria Square tram stop. Victoria Square Taxi Rank. Supreme Court Civil and Criminal Registry. Postal address: Lower Ground Floor, Sir Samuel Way Building 241-259 Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia. The Supreme Court seemed ready to expand Second Amendment rights after hearing arguments for over two hours and expressing skepticism about a New York law that restricts individuals from carrying. The Supreme Court of California has posted the calendar for the hearing at its courtroom in the Ronald M. George State Office Complex, Earl Warren Building, 350 McAllister Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, California, on November 3, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and related public health directives from state and local authorities, the procedures specified by Administrative. New Delhi: The Supreme Court will resume physical hearing of cases from Wednesday in a limited manner, after a hiatus of more than one year. The physical hearing of cases will be held in matters requiring lengthy hearings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The virtual hearings will continue on Mondays and Fridays, which are miscellaneous days and number of matters listed before the benches.

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Oklahoma, the Supreme Court ruled that executing persons for crimes committed at age 15 or younger constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment. Roper argued that evolving standards of decency prevented the execution of an individual for crimes committed before the age of 18 President Trump took to Twitter in a rant today after the Supreme Court, in two 7-2 decisions. said the president is not entitled to immunity from congressional and grand jury subpoenas for his.

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The Supreme Court delivered their two final rulings of the term today: in a case examining Arizona voting restrictions, the six conservative justices found that two laws relating to provisional and absentee ballots did not violate the federal Voting Rights Act, and the court also struck down a California law requiring non-profits to file a list of their large donors with the state, arguing. The positive COVID-19 test comes hyst days before the Supreme Court was set to resume in-person oral arguments.RELATED: Former press secretary Grisham writes.. The Supreme Court will continue hearing the Lakhimpur Kheri violence case on Tuesday, a week after it rapped the Uttar Pradesh police for dragging its feet in the investigation The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for Mississippi's 15-week abortion ban on Dec. 1, providing what many believe could be the first opportunity for the conservative majority to widely limit access to abortion in America. On Monday the court released its schedule for its October term, and will hear oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in December. The.

Today the Supreme Court will review a case — brought by EMW Women's Surgical Center, which is represented by the ACLU — about one of those attempts: Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's last-minute effort to intervene in a case challenging a Kentucky abortion ban already declared unconstitutional by two courts. The specific question before the court is a narrow, procedural one. Court therefore reverses his conviction and remands for a new trial. *New Jersey today allows for the highest number of peremptory challenges in the nation — more than double the national average — based on a statute enacted in the late 1800s. Yet, as the United States Supreme Court acknowledged decades ago The Supreme Court justices, including Randolph, ruled then that the Legislature could just ignore the word shall. The Supreme Court did not rule, as many believed it would, that if legislators were not going to follow the law, they should change it so it no longer said the Adequate Education Program shall be fully funded. It seems that it would be simple enough to remove the word.

The Supreme Court has not ruled on a gun-rights case since landmark decisions in 2008 and 2010 upholding that the Second Amendment protects a private citizen's right to keep a firearm in the. Complicating matters is a 2014 Supreme Court decision all sides cited today. That case involved a woman who consented to having sexual intercourse with the accused — Craig Jaret Hutchinson. If the Dutch Supreme Court decides in favor of former shareholders in a lengthy court battle, it could try to seize Russian assets around the world to regain the $ 50 billion awarded in the arbitration case.. The world's largest arbitral award. The International Commission of Arbitrators concluded in 2014 that Moscow took control of Yukos in 2003 and deliberately put the company at a.

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Supreme Court begins blockbuster term under political microscope. Washington — The Supreme Court convened Monday to begin its new term, one that will be shaped by decisions in disputes over gun. The Supreme Court is preparing to hear a case about the government's ability to get lawsuits thrown out of court by claiming they would reveal secrets that threaten national security Supreme Court Most Recent Decisions COONCE v. UNITED STATES No. 19-7862 argued date: decided date: November 1, 2021 ACLU v. UNITED STATES No. 20-1499 argued date: decided date: November 1, 2021 SIMMONS v. UNITED STATES No. 20-1704 argued date: decided date: November 1, 2021 JOHN DOES 1-3, et al. v. JANET T. MILLS, GOVERNOR OF MAINE, et al. No. 21A90 argued date: decided date: October 29. Abortion rights activists are marching today, voicing opposition to a Texas law that heavily restricts abortion access. The Supreme Court's new term begins Monday, in which it is scheduled to hear.

Supreme Court docket includes abortion, guns, religion and more If some of the justices greet the new term with great anticipation for a new conservative legal era, others likely are facing the. The Supreme Court will hear a case next month that could have far-reaching effects on disability rights. The question at the heart of the case, CVS Pharmacy, Inc. vs. Doe, is whether claims of unintentional discrimination against people with disabilities are allowed under federal law

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Supreme Court decides today . Date: Feb - 11 - 2021 , 09:38 . BY: Emmanuel Ebo Hawkson. Category: General News • Mrs Jean Mensa — EC Chair . Ghanaians will know today whether the Chairperson. Today in Supreme Court History. Josh Blackman | 10.6.2021 7:01 AM. I have now posted 366 installments of Today in Supreme Court History , one for each day of the past year (including February. Supreme Court Will Hold Hearing Today on Case to Uphold Kentucky Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions. National | Micaiah Bilger | Oct 12, 2021 | 10:04AM | Washington, DC. The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear the first of two abortion-related cases Tuesday, this one involving a Kentucky law that protects unborn babies from brutal dismemberment abortions. The case, Cameron v. EMW Women. A Supreme Court of 15 justices. Other proposals have at least a veneer of nonpartisanship. They reflect an attitude of do something about the court short of a partisan restructuring. Former. LAW LISTS FOR THE SUPREME COURT OF TASMANIA MONDAY, 8 NOVEMBER 2021HOBART Court 1, Salamanca Place, Hobart Before the FULL COURT 10:00 a.m.For HearingGadtech Materials Pty Ltd v Magistrates Court of Tasmania (Mining Tribunal), GA and PA Clarke (Landowners) Court 2, Salamanca Place, HobartBefore Justice WOODCriminal Jurisdiction9:15 a.m.For Bail Application via video-link to Ashley Yout

The Texas law has been in effect since September when the Supreme Court declined to intervene, except for a 48-hour period in early October when it was blocked by a lower court. The high court got involved again less than two weeks ago, moving at extraordinary speed. The court offered no explanation for its decision to hear the cases so quickly. Advertisement. The Texas ban, signed into law by. The United States Supreme Court—often referred to as SCOTUS—was established in 1789 by Article Three of the United States Constitution.As the highest U.S. federal court, the Supreme Court has discretionary appellate jurisdiction to hear and rule on cases decided by all lower federal courts and state court cases that involve federal law, as well as original jurisdiction over a smaller range.

The majority of the Supreme Court's cases today are heard on appeal from the lower courts. These cases usually come from the federal courts of appeal, but the Court does sometimes hear appeals from the state Supreme Courts as well. The Justices of the Supreme Court are most likely to take cases that will affect the entire country, not just the individuals involved. They want to clarify legal. Strictest-in-U.S. Abortion Law Is Focus of Supreme Court Today. A demonstrator holds a model of a baby in front of of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. Louisville's EMW Women's Surgical Center is part of the court's term that could gut the constitutional right to abortion and allow sweeping new.

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The Supreme Court of Nigeria (SCN) will today, October 21 in Abuja, unveil a new set of Senior Advocates of Nigeria, SANs. WITHIN NIGERIA reports that their unveiling is coming after four months of suspense and following the final ratification of the selected applicants into the prestigious rank by the Legal Practitioners Privileges Committee, LPPC Today's Headlines: Supreme Court rules against NCAA The Supreme Court has sided with athletes in a dispute with the NCAA over rules limiting certain compensation. (Patrick Smith / Getty Images Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post/Getty Images. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ginsburg, 85, was nominated by President Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court in 1993 while serving as a judge. Supreme Court's declaration on Buni: Govs hold emergency meeting today, APC chiefs differ, congresses to hold John Alechenu, Dogara Bitrus, Peter Dada, Abiodun Nejo and James Abraham Published.

By order of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, the general statewide judicial emergency declared and maintained in previous Court Orders of March 16, March 18, March 24, April 1 and April 28 ceased as of June 1, 2020. Any previous Orders in this line shall expire according to their own terms. We communicate regularly with the Governor's Office and the state Department of Health for guidance. The Supreme Court was established in 1789 by Article Three of the U.S. Constitution, which also granted Congress the power to create inferior federal courts. The Constitution permitted Congress to. But SB 8 is unlike most other laws in that it was written to prevent courts from blocking it before it takes effect. The anti-abortion law, which is before the Supreme Court in a case called Whole. President Biden will today issue an executive order forming the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States, comprised of a bipartisan group of experts on the Court and the. History of the Supreme Court and how it impacts America today. President Donald Trump's recent nomination to the Supreme Court is 48-year-old Amy Coney Barret, Notre Dame Law School graduate, mother of seven, and judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. If affirmed, she is poised to fill the gap left by the recent death of.

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Daily court list Decisions NT Supreme Court decisions; NT Courts of Appeal decisions; NT Full Court Decisions; Indexes to judgments; Sentencing remarks November 2021; October 2021; September 2021; August 2021; About sentencing remarks & publication policy; Forms & publications Suppression orders; Self-represented litigant The Supreme Court of California has posted the calendar for the hearing at its courtroom in the Ronald M. George State Office Complex, Earl Warren Building, 350 McAllister Street, Fourth Floor, San Francisco, California, on November 3, 2021.Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and related public health directives from state and local. Supreme Court Delays Execution of Inmate Over Pastoral Touch Request The case, involving a Christian convert and his Southern Baptist minister, is the latest in ongoing First Amendment disputes.

The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected requests to review lower court decisions that overturned bans on same-sex marriage in five states: Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin. By denying these requests, the court effectively legalized gay marriage in these states. The lower court rulings had been on hold until the Supreme Court weighed in, but soon after the high court's decision. The Supreme Court of India will hear today the Centre's plea against the Madras High Court's observation that the notification on grant of 10 per cent quota to the economically weaker sections. The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld two Arizona voting restrictions that a lower court had said discriminated against minority voters, a ruling that suggests that it will be harder to.

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Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of British Columbia is the province's superior trial court. The Supreme Court is a court of general and inherent jurisdiction which means that it can hear any type of case, civil or criminal. It hears most appeals from the Provincial Court in civil and criminal cases and appeals from arbitrations. A party may appeal a decision of the Supreme Court to the Court. Supreme Court hears Stephen Opuni review case today. A seven-member panel of the Supreme Court is expected today, Tuesday, 12 October 2021, to hear the review application brought before the apex court by Attorney General Godfred Dame. In the application, the Minister of Justice is challenging the same court's July 28 decision to remove one of. United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor authored a scorching dissent after the Court ruled in a 5-4 decision to let the Texas Heartbeat Act, a draconian abortion ban, take effect on Wednesday. Associate Justices Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagan as well as Chief Justice John Roberts concurred. Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images. Also known as Senate Bill 8, the medieval. The Supreme Court reaffirmed today that when the United States makes promises, the courts will keep those promises, Gershengorn said. Congress persuaded the Creek Nation to walk the Trail of Tears with promises of a reservation — and the Court today correctly recognized that this reservation endures. Robert Anderson, a law professor at the University of Washington School of Law.

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Today, it is assumed that the Supreme Court's jurisdiction over other types of suits involving the states was to be concurrent or shared, with the state courts. Jurisdiction Categories . The categories of cases falling under the Supreme Court's original jurisdiction are: Controversies between two or more states; All actions or proceedings to which ambassadors, other public ministers, consuls. The Supreme Court of Queensland will conduct a ceremony at 9.15 am on 13 April 2021, in the Banco Court, Brisbane, to acknowledge and welcome new practitioners who were admitted on the papers in April and June 2020 but who, due to COVID-19 restrictions, were unable to attend a formal ceremony. Those wishing to attend the ceremony should RSVP no later than 30 March 2021 to CourtInfo@justice.qld. Another sign of the book's importance is Knowles' invitation to speak, via Zoom, to the Supreme Court Historical Society on Dec. 8. It doesn't get much bigger than this, Knowles said. The only thing bigger than this would be, actually in person, delivering it at the U.S. Supreme Court. I think that will get the book a lot of. India News: The Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon took suo motu cognisance of the violent incident in Lakhimpur Kheri, where 8 persons lost their lives after

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The Supreme Court heard on Wednesday the matter pertaining to the October 3 violence in Lakhimpur Kheri in which eight persons, including four farmers, were killed during a protest. Ten people, including Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Misra's son Ashish Misra, have been arrested so far in connection with the case. The top court is hearing the matter after two lawyers had written a. NSW Supreme Court Judges have today resolved not to seek an annual remuneration review in light of present circumstances. Chief Justice Tom Bathurst said his colleagues had agreed to forego any potential salary increase this year. Judges are in a privileged and relatively protected position compared to the great bulk of the community, many of whom are already feeling the devastating effects. Supporters of gun controls rally outside the Supreme Court. Joshua Roberts/Getty ImagesFaced with the question does the constitutional right to possess a gun extend outside the home? the majority of the Supreme Court appears to be heading toward the answer yes. On Nov. 3, 2012, justices heard oral arguments over New York's restrictions on the carrying of firearms in public Today's Canadian Supreme Court ruling gives Canadians the right to sue their city for de-icing injuries. The Francophone Federation of Seniors and Retirees of Ontario (FARFO) applauds the ruling. The union's director general, Michel Tremblay, insists the decision will ensure municipalities are more vigilant in clearing and icebreaking in winter. There is now a precedent set by the Supreme. Everyone appearing in Brisbane court today. Daily court listing for Queensland, covering Supreme, District, Magistrate, Civil and Federal courts on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. 10 min read. November.