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TH425 Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart Search Transmissions by Make and Model. Popular Transmissions: Chrysler 727 | Chrysler 904 | Ford AOD | Ford C4 | Ford C6 | Ford FMX | GM 4L60 | GM 4L80E | GM Powerglide | GM Turbo 200 | GM Turbo 350 | GM Turbo 400 | GM Turbo 700. Acura ~ Alfa. 439 A C TH 425 (M40E) Cadillac Eldorado, Oldsmobile Tornado (1966-78) 3 SPEED FWD (Hydraulic Control) Revision 11/201 The transmission is totally rebuilt by Manny using new metal oil seals, new bearings, new spragues, new springs, new bushings, and new thrust washers, yielding a transmission that can be reliably utilized for another 100,000 miles or more. The transmissions are rebuilt with Alto Red Eagle performance forward, intermediate and direct friction clutch discs and a 4L80-E wide high-energy front. Transmission model: THM425, TH425, TH-425, THM-425; Year range: 1966-1978; Speeds: 3 speed automatic overdrive; Drivetrain type: FWD; This transmission master rebuild box kit comes with the following rebuild parts: Toledo driveline overhaul gasket set; BorgWarner Friction clutch plates; Raybestos steel plates ; Font overrun band; Rear reverse band; Internal fluid filter; Vacuum modulator; Pump. Re: TH425 Transmission- suggested maintenance with engine out. It is very simple to replace the timing chain without pulling the engine. Unfortunately the oil pan cannot be dropped unless the engine is pulled. If you are planning on only driving another 5k miles in your ownership that may be an option for you

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front wheel drive th425 transmission - installation. caution: be sure the torque convertor remains fully engaged to the transmission pump while connecting transmission bell housing to block surface! do not tip transmission forward. keep convertor in the fully rearward position into transmission pump. note: in next step, glue differential gasket to differential. be careful not to catch and. 1966-1978 TH425 — 3-speed; 1979-1981 TH325 — 3-speed; 1982-1985 TH325-4L — 4-speed; Electronic Hydra-Matics. The next-generation transmissions, introduced in the early 1990s, were the electronic Hydra-Matics based on the Turbo-Hydramatic design. Most early electronic transmissions use the -E designator to differentiate them from their non-electronic cousins, but this has been. Manny's Transmission provides the best, rebuilt transmission for the TZE coach as well as great service and experience. As long as I get business from you I'll be in business supporting the GMC community in a cost-effective manner. While you're here, be sure to check out the aftermarket products we have available for the classic 1973-78 GMC motorhome. Manny Trovao, Owner Manny's. GMC Motorhome: Transmissionsit's gonna be a long 1. The first part that will put the GMC in a museum is the transmission. There is only one we can use. We were blessed with having Tornado & Eldorado car share our gear grinder but that's it and the last one made was in 1978. Front wheel drive transmissions after that date were too light. TH125 Transmission Cross Reference and Interchange Chart. Select Transmission... 03-55 (AW55) 03-55/56 (A40,A41) 03-56/55 (A40,41) 03-70 (A42D) 03-70 (AW70) 03-70L (AW70L) 03-71 (AW71) 03-71L (AW71L) 03-72L (A44DL) 03-72L (AW72L) 03-72LE (A43D) 03-72LE (A44DE) 2 speed 3 speed 30-40LE (A340F) 30-80LE (A340H) 3L30 (TH180C) 3T40 4139 4141 41TE.

I need help trying to identify my transmission. Did GM make a th400 with tailshaft mounted parking brake? I have read the only true way to tell is to tear apart and check for straight cut gears. however I cant find if tailshaft mounted ebrake came only on th475? Attached Files: trans.jpg File size: 2.3 KB Views: 1,080 . untitled.png File size: 505.2 KB Views: 2,195. IMG_0915.JPG File size: 109. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for TH425 Transmission 1967 - 1978 GM Cadillac Oldsmobile at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

I am asking for help because my Caddy 71 with TH425 transmission only goes backwards. There is no reaction to any forward gear. Do I need to regenerate my TH425? Is the Master repair kit enough? Maybe it's some other simple matter? Thank you all in advance for helping me with my problem. Greetings to all. PS I apologize for mistakes with the help of an interpreter. Logged Cadillac Eldorado. Get TH425 transmission rebuilding tips, TH425 troubleshooting help, TH425 technical service bulletins, TH425 diagnostics and TH425 technical information from TRNW. All TH425 questions answered by expert Avoid transmission problems caused by over-heating. This aluminum pan with fins on both the inside and outside pulls the heat out of your transmission oil. Just remove the old steel and replace it with our temperature cooling aluminum pan. New bolts are furnished. Extra special features are a convenient drain plug, a tapped hole for heat gauge sensor, and increased capacity for an extra quart. With the new engine running, it's time to open up Ethel's transmission and see what we bought. I knew nothing about these transmissions prior to #ProjectEthe.. TH425 Transmission bushings Sort By: Page of 1 : 31630 General Motors front pump bushing, Powerglide TH180 TH350 TH400 2.005 outside diameter X 1.885 inside diameter X .589 wide. Used in Powerglide, ST300, TH180, TH350, TH400 Competitors Price $2.61 . Your Cost $2.32 . You save $0.29! TH425 Transmission bushings.

  1. TH425 Transmission - TH425 (M40E) GM Screens/Filters - General Motors Timble Type Screens/Filters Ford C3 / A4LD Transmissions - Ford C3 (3 Speed) A4LD (4 Speed) 4R44E thru 5R55E Transmissions - 4R44E(2.3, 3.0L), 5R44E(2.3, 3.0L), 4R55E (4.0L), 5R55E (4.0L) 5R55N/S/W Transmissions - Ford 5R55N, 5R55S, 5R55W C4/C5 Transmissions - Ford C4, Ford C5 - w/ Lockup C6 Transmission - Ford C6 CD4E.
  2. DS53111 Transmission Pan TH425 - Cadillac 500, 472, and 425 parts by Cad Company. MENU DS53111 Transmission Pan TH425 $ 325.00. Special order only. DS53111 Transmission Pan TH425 quantity. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Compare.
  3. A High Performance Torque Converter and Racing Transmission are a must for a race car and this is FTI's specialty. FTI builds some of the best Racing Transmissions and Racing Torque Converters available, possibly the strongest most durable Mud Truck Racing Torque Converters and Race Transmission and the toughest Diesel Torque Converters for your Pickups
  4. 425 TH425 THM425 TRANSMISSION Rebuild Kit with Frictions Steels Filter Bands Modulator FITS '66-'78 CADDY OLDS GMC. 425 TH425 THM425 TRANSMISSION Rebuild Kit with Frictions Steels Filter Bands Modulator FITS '66-'78 CADDY OLDS GMC TRANSTAR. SKU: 34008G. Condition: New. Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours. $264.77 . $299.99 (You save $35.22 ) (No reviews yet) Write a Review Write a Review.


Really a conversion means finding a 66-67 SWitch Pitch TH425 to supply all the needed parts, which include the chain plate + pump assembly and the valve body. There are some TH425 cases missing the stator oil passages needed for SWP. You can see this and some other stuff on transmission sub albums under my PHOTOBUCKET site 425 (M40E) Transmission Parts. Overhaul Kit, TH425 (1966-1978) Overhaul kit include paper, rubber, gaskets, o rings, lip seals, metal clad seals and... Part #: 34002G. $63.99. Banner Kit, TH425 (1966-1978) Banner Kit includes everything in the Overhaul Kit plus fiber clutch frictions. Part #: 34004G. $106.99 About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. TH425 Transmission Bands. GM TH375, TH400, TH425, TH475. 1964-1990. Rear (Reverse) 513835. View. No items found. No items found. Please use the website menu to visit our PDF catalogs for additional information on individual friction clutch plates, steel clutch plates, and torque converter components for this transmission 400 th400 3l80 425 th425 transmission detent solenoid fits '65-'98 chevy & gmc (8629935) rostra. $26.99 $22.88 $31.99. add to cart. sale. 350 th350 400 th400 transmission pump gears .727 fits '69-'79 350 & '65-'98 400. transtar. $24.88 $19.77 $29.99. add to cart . 350 th350 transmission intermediate sprag outer race heavy duty by sonnax fits '69-'86 (35723hd-01) sonnax. $108.77 $129.99. add.

I am selling a professionally rebuilt GM TH425 Hydramatic Front Wheel Drive transmission that was taken from a GMC Motorhome. The trans is in excelant condition and has ZERO miles on it since being re-built. It will fit the following vehicles 1966-1978 Oldsmobile Toronado 1967-1978 Cadillac Eldorado 1971-1979 Cortez Motor Home 1973-1978 GMC Motorhome 1973-1978 GMC TransMode multi-purp Using GM TH325/TH425 automatic transaxle. There are three different transmissions that can be used. The TH425 (three speed) was was used in the Buick Riviera, Olds Toronado, and Cadillac Eldorado from '66-'78, the TH325 (three speed) used from '79-'81, and he TH325-4L (four speed) used from '82-'84. I used a TH325-4L four speed auto from an '82 Eldorado. The engine can be mounted with the. TH425 adapter. My Karmann Ghia project utilizes the drivetrain from a 1970 Oldsmobile Toronado GT (455cid with a TH425 transmission). Of late, I've been torn between building the 455 or swapping it out for an all-aluminum LS-style motor, as I'm rethinking how I want to proportion the weight bias fore and aft - and using an all-aluminum motor.

Trovao is the gentleman who is behind the heavier duty TH425 transmission rebuilds that you hear a lot about if you start taking part in the GMC motorhome club scene. His rebuilt transmissions are referred to as the Manny Tranny. Most folks are getting 100 thousand miles out of this heavier duty rebuild in their GMC motorhomes. Manny has announced his development of a drop in diesel engine. GMC TRANSMISSION You should rebuild the 425 transmission that came with your coach if at all possible. The original transmission had some differences from a 425 transmission in a car. Put back the parts that came out of the transmission. There is a risk when switching parts. The (motorhome) 1-2 modulator valve is different than most of the toro/eldo cars. Using the car 1-2 valve in the.

TRANSMISSION GOVERNOR GEAR Lets say your having a great day driving along in your GMC and you look at your speedometer needle and its setting on '0'' you think the speed cable is broken. The first time you slow down you find the transmission will not shift out of first gear! Don't panic! or call a wrecker, or a transmission shop. All you need is a little plastic nylon type gear called a. GM Transmission Information (Looking for Engine info? Click here) This page has been set up to bring you the most accurate and up to date information on GM transmissions that is available to us. This information should be used as a guide only. While we have made every effort in making the information presented here as factual as possible, but there still could be some discrepancies or errors. Deluxe transmission rebuild kits include paper and rubber gaskets, metal clad seals, o-rings, friction clutches, steel plates, sometimes pistons, band, bushings, filter. Find your kit for exact details. GM TH125 (M34) 3T40, TH125C (MD9), TH325 (M32), TH325-4L (M57), TH425 (M40E), TH440-T4 (ME9) 4T60 Transmission Overhaul Kits are offered on this page. Call for more details or hard parts The TH425 - The only front wheel drive transmission on the list has to be the beefiest and most robust ever built. The TH425 was constructed with the intention of living behind big 455ci and 500ci engines in Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs. It also found its way into GM constructed motorhomes during the production run of 1966-1978 as well. Engineers at GM took the already battle proved TH400. Eldorado TH425 Transmission. Thread starter PROSTOCKTOM; Start date Feb 10, 2008; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. PROSTOCKTOM Well-Known Member. Joined Aug 15, 2007 Messages 3,173 Reaction score 39 Points 48 Location West Central, Indiana. Feb 10, 2008 #1 Is there any demand for a TH425 transmission ?  I aquired one, and I'm not sure what I'll do with it. Tom . Reply.

1966-1978 TH425 Transmission Oil Filter. SKU 858L. $32.70. 1966-1978 TH425 Transmission Oil Pan Gasket. 1966-1978 TH425 Transmission Oil Pan Gasket. SKU 2586L. $6.20. TH400 Intermediate Band. TH400 Intermediate Band / Transmission parts, tooling and kits / THM425 / Filter THM425. 43 of 153. The manual shifter shaft seal on the TH425 transmission if different than most other Turbo-Hydramatic transmissions. It is an O-ring shown on this diagram as item 9. Manny told me that many transmission shops don't replace it because they don't know its there! To replace the O-ring you must: -Drop the pan-Remove the detent roller spring (item 8)-Remove the bolt holding the gear selector detent.

Parts by Transmission - TH425. Contact Log In Register 0 Items € 0.00. Basket. Home. Parts by Transmission . 01J/0AW. Bearings. TH425 front wheel drive transmission oil filter for all years and all makes and models, including Cadillac and Oldsmoblie from 1966-1978. OEM # 6438336. Shopping Cart » Login to order. Close. Part # Reference # Valvebody Components / Transmission Specialties. Qty. Shopping Cart » 34706. 34946. Acc.Spring TH400 Rear. Login to order. Acc.Spring TH400 Rear Part # 34706 Reference # 34946 Extra. TH425 Transmission Catalogue. For transmissions: M40E TH 425 TH-425 TH425 Turbo Hydramatic Turbo-Hydramatic Turbohydramatic Show more. 3-speed; Automatic Transmission; General Motors; Product map; Products; Filter results. Productgroup. Basic Overhaul Parts. Select all Bearing Kits (1) Brake Bands (4) Bushing Kits (1) Filters - Transmission (1) Friction Plate Kits (4) Modulators (2) Overhaul. 1 product rating - TH400 TH425 4L80E 4L85E Transmission Sonnax Extreme Duty Forward Clutch Hub Kit. C $177.80. Buy It Now. from United States. S p o Z D n s 8 o r e Z C B d F T F M. Fits Chevy TH400 TH425 Turbo 400 Transmission Boost Valve Kit Sonnax 34910-01K. Brand New. C $49.43. Buy It Now . from United States. L S F E V p A o G n s R o 3 r E e J B d. GM TH400/TH425/3L80-HD Transmission.

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  1. GM TH375, TH400, TH425, TH475, 4L80E 1965-ON 200148 200148 Intermediate Sprag is a replacement for the OE part 8633173 in the 1965-ON GM TH375, TH400, TH425, TH475, 4L80E transmission. Allomatic one way clutches are full-hardened, individually loaded, and made with high-quality maraging steel that provide higher fatigue limits than stainless steel
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  3. um 3 Leg Type) New TH M 400 425 475 375 3L80 3L80HD 1965-1998 Front Accumulator Piston (Alu
  4. I promise you that the next transmission I have to replace or any other person I hear of needing a transmission I will be heavily promoting Monster Transmission and tell them that I personally use Monster Transmission. United States Army Drill Sergeant J. Bishop. I live in Covington, Tennessee and I just had my Monster Transmission installed in my 2001 Dodge Ram and I'm completely happy with.
  5. Sonnax Transmission Company headquarters is in Bellows Falls, Vermont, with production facilities in Laurinburg, N.C. and technical development centers in California, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. Rostra Powertrain Controls' production facility is in Laurinburg, N.C. Careers at Sonnax . All of Sonnax product lines are top notch. I use Sonnax on all my builds. F. Lane, FastLane.
  6. Fatsco Transmission Parts. 337 Changebridge Rd, Pine Book NJ 07058. Get Directions. Operating Hours. Monday - Friday. 8 a.m. - 5. p.m

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TH425: Transmission Model: TH400, TH425, TH375, TH350: UPC: 019695952945: California Proposition 65 Required: No: Part Number: 20484: Emissions. 5. This part is legal for sale or use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles, Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles, and Racing Use Only Vehicles because it does not affect vehicle emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations. In The Box. Get TH425 transmission rebuilding tips, TH425 troubleshooting help, TH425 technical service bulletins, and TH425 tecnical information. All TH425 questions answered by expert 425 TH425 High Energy Master Rebuild Kit Fits Motorhome Cadillac El Dorado Olds. $235.00. Free shipping. Last one. GM TH THM 375 400 475 3L80 Turbo Hydramatic Transmission Tail Housing Gasket. $6.29. Free shipping. Last one. For 1967-1978 Cadillac Eldorado Automatic Transmission Filter Kit WIX 26562WB This transmission makes an excellent conversion transmission due to its adaptability into most Jeeps longer than CJ5s. Both 2wd and 4wd versions of the Turbo 400 can be used equally well, and there are no inherent advantages to either one once you have installed our adapter assembly. It is of interest that the 1976-1979 AMC case, while more or less similar from the collar of the case, back, is.

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Alto is the leader in the development of wet friction technology used in powertrain components and system solutions. For over 50 years, Alto has manufactured over a billion friction clutches, steel reaction plates, and powertrain components for automotive, hi-performance, heavy-duty, industrial, marine, and motorcycle applications. Company The elusive TH425 manual shifter shaft seal 2021-09-23. No permission to download. Author RF_Burns; Creation date Sep 23, 2021; Resources. Chassis Systems. Transmission . Overview History. Version Release date Downloads Rating; 2021-09-23: Sep 23, 2021: 6 0.00 star(s) 0 ratings Resources. Chassis Systems. Transmission. About us. The GMC Motorhome Forum is a place where owners and fans can come. To take advantage of these exciting new converters, Coan Engineering has released a kit for the TH400 transmission that allows you to use a lockup-style converter. These kits come with everything you need to add a lockup converter to your driveline and go fast at the track on race day. The kit from Coan uses a stout 1-1/4-inch input shaft that has the O-ring seal moved forward significantly.

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Sonnax offers transmission parts for 250+ applications, including Ford, GM, Chrysler and various imports 1 product rating - 42RLE Transmission Master Rebuild KIT 2003-UP W/ Gasket Friction Clutches Filter. C $198.32. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. from United States. 30 watchers. S p A 9 o n F s o Q r A e d V M O. 5R55E 97-UP 2WD VALVE BODY REBUILT 5R44E TRANSMISSION VALVEBODY Never Used! New (Other) C $235.50 . Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. from United States.

TeckPak Bushings, Electrical Parts and Modulators. Transel Tech Manuals. TransGo Valve Body Kits. TransTec Overhaul Kits. 400 Parts. 400 (Parts Not Pictured , kits, manuals, etc) Click on a section to see a detailed view. Click on a part number to view part variations, pricing, and availability GM TH425 Transaxle Stock Capacity. Part Number: tp-asm-7873. Pan includes magnetic drain plug and mounting hardware. Price varies with finish. SEE PRODUCT INFO. OPTIONAL - add machining of a 1/8 NPT hole for an aftermarket temperature sending unit: No machining Yes, add drilling and tapping of a 1/8 NPT hole + $55.00 Each. $12.99. In Stock. TRANSMISSION CASE THRUST BEARING KIT. 4CC/TBK-C. This kit puts an end to output shaft to case thrust and selective washer failure common to the TH400 in all heavy-duty and hi-performance applications.The kit replaces these items with a high capacity thrust bearing assembly and selective shims to manage thrust loading and. Save $15 Off $299, $25 Off $499, $50 Off $799, $100 Off $1,599 Order

An automatic transmission contains two complete planetary gearsets folded together into one component. A planetary gearset has three main components: Sun Gear, Planet Gears and Carrier along with a Ring Gear. Each of these three components can be the input, the output or can be held stationary. Choosing which piece plays which role determines the gear ratio for the gearset. TCI offers a. 425 Th425 Transmission. Trying to find Steering Wheel on sale? Searching for Steering Wheel or relevant listings? This website features a broad selection of 425 Th425 Transmission, among other items such as Hood Ornament, Seats, Dash, Lights, and lots extra.Shop our wide collection of 425 Th425 Transmission, or try a simple search for a more precise 425 Th425 Transmission using the search GM CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE TH425 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit 1966-1978 - EUR 33,89. ZU VERKAUFEN! 1966-1978 TH425 automatic transmission filter service kit comes with a pan gasket, 18128745600

The problem wasn't transmission but the tire bearings who would of known Armando gave me a great price and also serviced my transmission for me ;) an amazing honest man 100 percent agree to go to him even if it is out of your way because a lot of the mechanics in and around LA are looking for a come up. I saved so much using Armando at mannys definitely will be using him for all of my car. Based on the TH400, the TH425 is also a rugged transmission, yet it can be rebuilt if needed and kits are available. Nevertheless, remember to check for leaks around the powertrain when under the car. Also look for tears in the CV joints' rubber boots, as contamination of the joint will promote rapid wear. CHASSIS A boxed perimeter frame extended from the front of the car rearward, to just.

Mid-Mounted Toronado Power: Three Mile Cimbria SS. This Cimbria SS (VIN 83F1128AZK1002) is an interesting kit car powered by mid-mounted 455/TH425 Olds Toronado running gear, the build of which was reportedly commissioned in the late 1980's despite kit production ending in 1982. It's then said to have been stored shortly after completion. oil & transmission supplements. gaskets. NO PART # DESCRIPTION SIZE YEARS QTY; NI: 36102 : Pan Gasket: 66-79: 1: rubber components. NO PART # DESCRIPTION SIZE YEARS QTY; NI: 36175 : Speedo O-ring: 66-79: 1: seals. NO PART # DESCRIPTION SIZE YEARS QTY; NI: 35200 : Front Pump Seal: 46 ID x 70.3 OD x 10.70mm: 66-79: 1: NI: 35212 : Speedo Pinion Seal (Orange Hard Rubber) 7.3 ID x 13.6 OD x 6.8mm. Level 10 PTS Super Pump PG, SUPER TURBINE 300, TH200C, TH2004R, TH3254L, TH425, 350, 4L30E, 4L40E, 5L40E, 700R4, 4L60E, 4L75E, 4L80E, 3T40,4T40E, 4T60E, 4T65E, 4T80E, TAAT,6L80E : Our Price: $ 398.00. Product Code: GMCT-GM1400-6120. Description Keep Your Transmission Cool! The pump assembly may be the single most important part of any automatic transmission and the one most often overlooked. Always fill a new converter with fluid before installing into your transmission. Be sure to check out TCI's selection of competition-grade automatic transmission fluids. TRANSMISSION FLUID CAPACITY: Transmission (w/ Stock Pan) # of Quarts: GM TH350: 4: GM TH400: 6: GM Powerglide: 4: GM 700R4/4L60E: 6: GM 2004R : 6: GM 4L80E: 7.7: Chrysler Torqueflite 727: 5: Chrysler Torqueflite 904: 5: Ford. This transmission was used in many GM applications including Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. It is also known as a 3L80, Turbo 400, or Turbo Hydramatic 400. This extreme duty transmission is built with straight cut gears as well, making it technically a TH475 transmission. The TOW MATRIX Extreme Duty Transmission is for Chevrolet and GMC TH400 and TH475 transmissions.

The AS6 six speed medium duty truck transmission manufactured by Aisin Seiki Co. Ltd in Japan. It is found in the Isuzu cab over engine, with the lighter duty version A460 behind the 3.0 liter diesel engine or the heavier duty A465 behind the 5.2 liter diesel engine. There are dimensional differences in the internal parts between the two versions therefore care should be taken when replacing. Welcome to Cobra Transmission, based in Sebring, Florida! We are Mercedes Benz and BMW Transfer Case Specialists, and your best source for transmission parts, both automatic and manual, transfer case parts, transmission tools and differential parts. Get the transmission parts you need for any vehicle project Up to 75% Off Transmission Repair Manuals & Rebuild Parts. www.AutoRepairManuals.biz BEST BRANDS REPAIR MANUALS Auto, Marine, Motorcycle & ATV Manuals Chilton, Haynes, ATSG, Factory and More. Call Toll Free 866-553-8116. SEARCH AND BROWSE. Search. SHOP ALL DEPARTMENTS. Home; Automotive Repair Manuals. Factory Repair Manuals ; eAutoRepair Online Manuals; Chilton & Haynes Manuals; Chilton CD/DVD.

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TH125 Transmission Specifications and Cross Reference

1966-1981 TH425/TH325 — 3-speed; 1982-1985 TH325-4L — 4-speed; 07:36, 3 December 2006 (UTC) Electronic Hydra-Matics. The next-generation transmissions, introduced in the early 1990s, were the electronic Hydra-Matics based on the Turbo-Hydramatic design. Most early electronic transmissions use the -E designator to differentiate them from their non-electronic cousins, but. oregon performance transmission inc. th425, gm3 Is Similar To: 4l60e C48c-hp Oregon Performance Transmission Inc Dcnf Code Torque Converter 1997-up 4l65e Heavy Duty Gm Chevy (57.5% similar) This code is printed on your original converter and must match what you have in your vehicle originally. This converter has a stock stall speed and will be fine for up to 500 hp. Purchase a torque converter. This fits modern GM/Chevy type transmission with the 7/8 hole and the 2.25 long gear. Dont settle for less buy direct from us, La Speedometer. Kerry Product information Technical Details. Manufacturer ‎La Speedometer Gear Brand ‎La Speedometer Gear Item Weight ‎1.76 ounces Item model number ‎5864271456 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No Manufacturer Part Number ‎34215 Additional.

Th425. Trying to find Steering Wheel on sale? Searching for Steering Wheel or relevant listings? This website features a broad selection of Th425, among other items such as Hood Ornament, Seats, Dash, Lights, and lots extra.Shop our wide collection of Th425, or try a simple search for a more precise Th425 using the search. Our site has access to hundreds of thousands of products from retailers. Full 2018 Automatic Transmission Catalog. Featuring 22,000 new parts and 35 new transmission families - 74 new transmission applications are listed in this comprehensive catalog. Organized by manufacturer, each transmission comes with a new Power Grid Chart that helps identify the correct hard part and its position in the transmission. New for 2018 - valve body exploded views, flexplates.

Engine 01 2001 Chevy Silverado 2500 8.1L V8 Motor Fully Inspected $2,584.24 End Date: Monday Nov-01-2021 16:58:00 EDT Buy It Now for only: $2,584.2 Gear drives are used in transmissions, rear ends and transfer cases; at times the drive gear will be smaller than the driven gear. Different gear ratios enable the transmission to shift to lower or higher rpm speeds. Automotive gear drive. Gear drives are used on automotive engines. A gear drive usually refers to the timing drive; it replaces the common timing-chain with spur-cut gears. A. CT0696 - A new oil sealing ring kit for TH400 and TH425 Transmissions, 1964-up. Includes ten Teflon rings. Made in USA. Always FAST & FREE USA SHIPPING! For questions or to place an order by phone, please call our solutions desk at (888) 324-1617 8AM-6PM PST (West Coast USA). Or Email us using our CONTACT link above . Product Videos. Custom Field. Product Reviews. Write a Review Write a Review. This item: TH400 Turbo 400 Transmission Detent Solenoid 1964-1982. $26.61. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by MaxxIndustries. FREE Shipping. TURBO 400 TH400 TH350 TH250 RED STRIPE ADJUSTABLE MODULATOR 1965 UP for GM. $19.05. In Stock. Ships from and sold by MaxxIndustries. FREE Shipping . ATP TF-29 Automatic Transmission Filter Kit. $16.11. Only 19 left in stock (more. transmission won't shift gears: a faulty shift solenoid can prevent fluid pressure from activating the appropriate gear. as a result, the transmission may not shift gears or it may get stuck in neutral. vehicle stuck in limp-home mode: if the tcm determines there's a problem with a shift solenoid, it may put the vehicle in limp-home mode. in this state, the transmission will be.

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Transmission producer. Aisin Warner › AF14 (AW50-40LE / AW50-42LE) AF17 (AW60-41SN) AF22 (AW50-40LN) AF33 (AW55-50SN / AW55-51SN) AW450-43LE (A440 / A442) TF-60SN (09G / 09M / 09K) TF-80SN TF-80SC (AF40 / AW6VF) TF80SD,TG81,AW8F35 TF70SC TF-72SC (AW6F25) TF-81SC (AW6FMF) TR-60SN (09D) TR-80SD (0C8) TG-81LS (AWF8F45) TL-80SN (AA80E/F) Audi › Multitronic › VL300-F (01J) VL380-F (0AN) VL381. Transmission, Shifters & Clutch 564 M WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm-B&M Trans Products www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Toll Free 800.854.1280 Automatic Transmissions B&M has been building transmissions for extreme duty use for almost 5 decades. From the famous B&M Hydrostick of the 50's to the Torkmasters and Clutchfl ites of the 60's, B&M has been the yardstick to which all other.

Most GM transmissions will bolt to an LS without an issue. The problem with the LS engines is the short crankshaft. It is 0.400 in. shorter than previous small block and big block engines. That means the older torque converter pilot is too short to engage the crank. Some early LQ4 and LR4 engines used a longer crankshaft than other LS engines. This makes them compatible with the older. Th425 differential Th425 differentia

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B&M 20485 B&M Nitrous HoleShot 3800 Torque Converter, 1965B&M 20480 B&M Nitrous Holeshot 2400 Torque Converter, 19651966 Oldsmobile Toronado - Not Your Father's OldsmobileTH400, 3L80, TH400-R2, TH425, THMR2, 3L80HD, TH375, TH475