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I ecountered a strange issue with steam-play/proton. I'm now running manjaro kde kernel 5.4.31-1. I installed steam and checked steam-play and tried to run monkey island remastered but even changing proton version the game doesn't start. So I tried to do the same on another kind of distro like mx-linux and after chosing an old version of proton it worked. So, as i'm loving manjaro, I tried another version of manjaro with xfce. Did the same and, as in mx-linux, all worked good Proton is a new tool released by Valve Software that has been integrated with Steam Play to make playing Windows games on Linux as simple as hitting the Play button within Steam. Underneath the hood, Proton comprises other popular tools like Wine and DXVK among others that a gamer would otherwise have to install and maintain themselves. This greatly eases the burden for users to switch to Linux without having to learn the underlying systems or losing access to a large part of their library. If needed, to force enable Proton or a specific version of Proton for a game, right click on the game, click Properties > General > Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool, and select the desired version. Doing so can also be used to force games that have a Linux port to use the Windows version

Die Installation von Manjaro verläuft denkbar einfach: Ein USB-Stick mit rund 4 GByte Speicherplatz genügt. Ich schreibe mit dem Open-Source-Programm Etcher das zuvor heruntergeladene. It's possible to use BakkesMod on GNU/Linux when running the Windows edition of Rocket League via Valve's Proton. The in-game GUI is not showing up, but the console and plugins seem to function correctly. BakkesMod needs to be injected from the same wineprefix using the same version of wine that is used to run Rocket League. Protontricks allows working with wine for Proton enabled games. It's. Inzwischen gibt es ein neues Beta-Update für den Steam-Client und es bringt eine große Neuerung mit sich: Proton. Rund 3.000 Spiele mit nativer Linux-Unterstützung gibt es inzwischen bei Steam Sie sind den in Steam bereits enthaltenen Varianten teils um Monate voraus. Speziell wenn es um Bugs in einzelnen Titeln geht. Fingerzeig: Es gibt experimentelle und stabile Versionen. Zu unterscheiden am Kürzel ST für stable, wie etwa in Proton-5.9-GE-8-ST. Und damit nicht genug. Valves Ökosystem treibt weitere Blüten. Denn Proton ist auch außerhalb von Steam verwendbar. Beispielweise i Hat der Desktop irgendeinen einluss darauf, wie gut Programme (insbesondere Steam-Proton) Manjaro oder OpenSUSE als Anfänger + XFCE (da schlanker als Gnome) Y-Chromosome Commander . Dabei.

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Steam Play and Proton represent a massive leap forward for Linux gamers. Valve has committed to making Windows games playable on Linux for everyone without the hassle of configuring something like Wine. So, they did it for everyone, with Proton, Steam's own version of Wine ich versuche auf Manjaro War Thunder zum laufen zu bringen. Über Steam habe ich mit Proton z.B. Chernobylite und Hacknet zum laufen bekommen. Und Chernobylite läuft obwohl nur early acess mit. Valve Steam Play: Proton 4.11 nutzt Vulkan für D3D9; Foren › Kommentare › OpenSource-Forum › Alle Kommentare zum Artikel › Valve Steam Play: Proton 4.11 Hoffentlich Kernel Option bei Manjaro verfügbar. Neue Foren im Freiraum! Raumfahrt und freie Software haben jetzt einen Platz, die Games tummeln sich jetzt alle in einem Forum. ‹ Thema › Neues Thema Ansicht wechseln. Um bei Notebooks mit Hybridgrafikkarten für Windows-Spiele via Steam Proton eure externe Nvidia-Grafikkarte zu nutzen müsst ihr bei euren Spielen folgende Startoptionen eingeben: Rechtsklick auf das Spiel in Steam-Bibliothek -> Allgemein -> Startoptionen optirun -b primus %command% Von dort an sollte die Nvidiagrafikkarte verwendet werden Kann über nvtop (AUR) überprüft werden Getestet. Proton is a tool for use with the Steam client which allows games which are exclusive to Windows to run on the Linux operating system. It uses Wine to facilitate this. Most users will prefer to use Proton provided by the Steam client itself. The source code is provided to enable advanced users the ability to alter Proton. For example, some users may wish to use a different version of Wine with a particular title

Steam is one of the finest platforms for gamers. With the help of Steam, you're free to enjoy the best games right away! All you need is just tinkering with the system and setting the tools properly. How to install and get started using Steam on Arch Linux is shown An official part of Steam on Linux, Proton makes use of both Wine and DXVK, layers that translate Windows software and graphics calls into native Linux ones. However, there are some caveats. proton-steam-bits.patch; proton-sdl_joy.patch; proton-sdl_joy_2.patch; proton-gamepad-additions.patch; proton-vk-bits-4.5.patch; proton-winevulkan.patch; Within these patches are Proton rebases. Many of them I've done on my own before he did them, however as he regularly rebases, many of my older patches have been replaced with his rebase patches. He deserves a huge amount of recognition for.

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  1. This makes Manjaro a powerful Operating System ideal in home, work, and development environments. It is easily possible to run many popular Windows applications using compatibility software such as Wine , PlayonLinux or Proton via Steam
  2. g so that you can play both native and Windows developed games using Steam Proton or Lutris. https://m..
  3. Steam Proton Version: 3.16-8 (Proton 4.2 is available, but I'm using the same version throughout the series for consistency) With The Radeon RX 580: Manjaro 18 Synthetic Benchmarks (AMD
  4. Steam Proton does not really pick up non-steam games without huge but amazing scripts. I am not a computer guy, so scripts are a big no-go for me. I did what every non-technical guy tries to do.

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Today Proton-5.4-GE-1 went out containing a special controller fix for Warframe, that allows controller profiles to be loaded only if a controller is plugged in. fixes crash if no controller plugged in after 5 min. With that, Warframe should be a nicer experience on Linux. Pictured: Warframe running on Manjaro Linux Nov 17, 2020 - This video covers how to set up Manjaro Linux for gaming so that you can play both native and Windows developed games using Steam Proton or Lutris. https://m.. I just installed Manjaro and Neverwinter will be the first game that goes on it. This Manjaro Linux thing is AWESOME! This is the first Linux I've ever had t.. AW: Linux-Gaming mit Proton im Test: Kleines Update für Steam, großer Schritt für Linux Ja danke leutz i hab linux auf der nas(OMV) und aufm HTPC(manjaro) inzwischen am laufen hier ist auch ne.

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  1. dxvk proton steam valve vkd3d wine: Licenses: custom Conflicts: proton-native Provides: proton-native Submitter: Forty-Bot: Maintainer: If you are using Manjaro, another derivative or an AUR helper, please mention it, I DO NOT TEST AGAINST THEM AND I CANNOT KNOW WHAT MIGHT BE WRONG WITH THE DISTRO/HELPER OF YOUR CHOICE. It takes a LOT of time and space to build. Building with multiple jobs.
  2. Like with Ubuntu, you can install software like Lutris, GameHub, and Steam Proton directly from the Pop!_OS apps store. Manjaro. Manjaro is an Arch-based Linux distribution. Unlike its parent distro, however, Manjaro drives away all the complications, ensuring that the installation process is extremely easy. This is something that many users have had an issue with when using Arch. Manjaro.
  3. Proton Steam-Play. Valve developed a compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components named Proton. It allows you to launch many Windows games (see compatibility list). It is open-source and available on GitHub. Steam will install its own versions of Proton when Steam Play is enabled. Proton needs to be enabled on Steam client: Steam > Settings > Steam Play. You can.
  4. Steam Play: Tschüss Windows, hallo Linux - ein Gamer zieht um. Wenn ein Gamer von Windows auf Linux umsteigt, ist das aufwendig - nahm ich an. Die Distribution Manjaro macht jedoch immerhin die.
  5. Import proper steam cloud save fixes from upstream proton. Import Project Cars III window focus fixes from upstream proton. Import Tokyo Xanadu Xe+ ASF fixes from upstream proton. Import Guilty Gear Strive cloud save path fixes from upstream proton. Import multiple font fixes from upstream proton. Fixed crash with Hitman 2 . Added workaround for FFXIV broken button Details: There are two.
  6. The steam-native script launches Steam with the STEAM_RUNTIME=0 environment variable making it ignore its runtime and only use system libraries.. The steam-native-runtime meta package depends on over 120 packages to pose a native replacement of the Steam runtime, some games may however still require additional packages. You can also use the Steam native runtime without steam-native-runtime by.
  7. I have my entire Steam Library (Windows) installed on an external HDD, what will happen if i switch to Linux and assign that as a library in the Linux client for Steam. Will it all stay the Windows versions and try to run through Proton, or will it automatically download the Linux versions (from the games that run natively on Linux) and replace the existing Windows version with the Linux version
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Und Manjaro mit dem KDE Desktop an sich ist wirklich sehr benutzerfreundlich geworden. dass ihre Engine auch die Valve Steam Deck und Proton unterstützen werden. [Embed: Zum Betrachten bitte. Now that Valve's portable Steam Deck gaming PC is confirmed to be running Linux, using Proton to make your Steam games shine, The runner-up is Manjaro, which is an Arch-based system that is my. Hi guys, yesterday my steam games, and Lutris ran fine. Today I decided to upgrade from Linux 54 to Linux 56. Please note that Wine also updated to Wine 5.9, nvdia drivers to 440 (latest) and Proton from 5.0-4 to Proton I've installed CS:GO onto my Manjaro machine and enable the Linux runtime since Proton won't work with VAC is seems. When I click the play button, the button turns blue and says stop. After about 60 seconds or so the button changes back to green and says play. Nothing else happens. I already tried adding -nojoy to the launch options

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A lot of the time when Steam's Proton can't get a game to run, it's because the application is missing a dependency that Steam didn't install. Protontricks layers on top of winetricks to allow you to easily overcome this issue and directly install many of the runtimes you need to get them started directly into their Steam directories without much hassle. First Things First. Before you. Mit Proton habe ich noch keine Erfahrung, aber sonst habe ich um die 100 nativen Linux-Spiele in meiner Steam-Bibliothek, die meisten davon aus Humble Bundles, und die funktionieren anstandslos. Auch etwas anspruchsvollere Titel wie z.B. Borderlands 2 Der wird seit Proton 6.3.7 automatisch mit installiert. Brauchte NICHTS weiter zu machen, als unter Steam den Installationsbutton zu drücken I ran the game under Proton 4.11-13 with --features.mod=mods/rotk in the Launch Options, and voila!! At last! Played a few turns and fought a battle already. Smooth sailing so far . Note that's the native Steam of the Manjaro distribution. Running the mod with Steam Linux runtime gave CTDs right after launch (the vanilla game runs fine)

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For gamers, Garuda offers a GUI with a suite of packages like Steam, WINE, Winetricks, PlayOnLinux, Gamehub (the Linux alternative to GOG Galaxy 2.0), Lutris, DXVK, and Proton. It's a one-stop. I play Anomaly 1.5.0 [BETA 3.0] with mods on Manjaro Linux 64bit using Steam and Proton and I decided to write this guide so others could try this as well. On my setup with highest settings and a couple of gameplay mods there's almost no performance drop compared to Windows. On top of the tower in the swamps I get 57 FPS on Windows and 54 FPS on Linux with DX11 AVX. The game takes a little bit.

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  1. Hallo Sonja Linux Manjaro Steam: Fehlermeldung - Alternativen oder Lösungen? Kommando 1 (herunterladen): flatpak --user remote-add --if-not-exists flathu
  2. Proton wird nicht alleine von Valve entwickelt es ist in erster Linie eine Sammlung an Open Source Software, die als Proton mit Steam Integration gebündelt wird. Die Basis besteht aus Wine und.
  3. Use the drop-down at the top of the ProtonUp-Qt GUI to choose if you want to install compatibility tools for Steam or for Lutris, then click the Add version button at the bottom of the window, and you'll be able to choose between which compatibility tools to download (Proton-GE or Luxtorpeda for Steam, and Wine-GE, Kron4ek Vanilla and Lutris-Wine builds for Lutris), and the version
  4. ity, ich verwende unter Linux Manjaro bisher kein Steam u. somit auch kein Proton zum spielen. Die Spiele, u.a. Dying Light, Gothic3, Life is Strange 2, Mafia 3, No Mans Sky, Pine.
  5. g? - Steam Proton, Lutris, GPU Drivers & Kernels: Year: 2020: Duration: 4:28: File Size: 3.5 MB: Bit Rate: 128 kbps: Hits: 17,172: Added: 2020 : Is Manjaro The Best Linux Distribution For Ga

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Steam Client for Linux (Beta) | .deb; Proton 3.16; Issues Encountered: Proton needs to be installed to an ext4 partition. If you store your games on an NTFS share and launched one of those first, Proton will not function properly for the purpose of Stationeers. Uninstall Steam via apt (you can use the Ubuntu App GUI). Remove or move ~/.steam

如何使用 Steam Proton 玩 Windows 游戏? 启用Proton. 1. 从应用菜单启动 Steam 应用。 2. 在应用程序的左上角,单击 Steam,然后单击设置。 3. 在侧边栏中,找到并单击 Steam Play。 4. 为支持的游戏点击启用 Steam Play,为所有其他游戏选项点击启用 Steam Play。然后会提示重启. Proton ist eine auf Wine basierende quelloffene Software, die von Valve entwickelt wird. Ziel von Proton ist es, Steam-Spiele, die für Windows erstellt wurden, auch unter Linux spielen zu können. Proton verwendet zur Implementierung von DirectX 11 und DirectX 12 die Computergrafik-Programmierschnittstelle Vulkan.Dadurch soll die Kompatibilität und die Leistung erhöht werden Installing Manjaro. With your bootable Manjaro USB stick prepared, and your GPD Win Max ready with a secondary monitor plugged in, go ahead and start the Win Max.As soon as you do, start hitting the DEL key to enter the BIOS. In your BIOS, head over to the Boot menu and in the FIXED BOOT ORDER Priorities section, adjust the sorting so that your USB stick is the first boot option, with the NVMe.

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  1. g leicht gemacht Mit der Ankündigung seiner mobilen Spielkonsole macht Valve seine Steam-Bibliothek mobil und ganz nebenbei die Käuferinnen und Käufer zu Linux-Gamern
  2. If you have non steam windows games you could try to run them through lutris with proton if steam doesn't work with steam. If neither of them work, maybe check your graphic driver and if the vulkan depency are installed like vulkan icd loader. 0 Likes. Altefier 29 Aug. Link; Yeah, I don't even know what GPU drivers I got nor how to check. I launched the Manjaro Live USB with the proprietary.
  3. Jetzt ist Ihre Meinung gefragt zu Steam Deck: Wohl doch nicht mit allen Titeln aus der Bibliothek kompatibel Der Codeweavers-Präsident James B. Ramey erklärte vor einigen Tagen in einem Podcast mit Boilingsteam, dass das Steam Deck wohl nicht in der Lage sein wird, alle Titel aus der Steam-Bibliothek zu bewältigen, da Kompatibilitätsprobleme mit Proton auftreten könnten
  4. g-Abend mit meinen Kumpels verlief dank Steam/Proton absolut reibungslos. Windows 11 werde ich mir nicht mehr antun (ist für meinen Ryzen 1800X eh nicht verfügbar)
  5. Проблема с игрой в стиме. Дискретная карта geforce gn525m. Стоят гибридные драйвера 390хх. В стиме пытаюсь запустить игру wot blitz — работает только на прото
  6. Moin für die Leute die es Interessiert es funktioniert bei mir wunderbar auf Linux Manjaro mit Steam Proton 4.2-9 fast Problemlos WOW zu Zocken. Also wer weg von Windoof möchte es ist alles möglich. vielen Dank an Steam !!! Hier ein Video um das ganze auf deutsche einzustellen von TeamKrado Betriebssytem Manjaro Linux Linux-Kernel 5.1.15-1-MANJARO Prozessor AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core.
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Antergos ist ein gutes Mittelding zwischen Manjaro und Arch, da es praktisch ein reines Arch ist ohne die manuelle Installationsprozedur. Wenn ich mit meinem Arch nicht voll zufrieden waere wuerde ich Manjaro nutzen. Steam ist da schon vorinstalliert und die Games die ich ausprobiert hab laufen auch meist gut #!bin/sh # Execute Windows programs with Proton from Steams installation folder, without # starting Steam client. # 1. Create a directory for Proton environment to run in. As an example make a # folder proton in your home directory. This folder must exist in order # to make Proton work. # 2. Point the variable env_dir in this script to that folder or..

Jetzt ist Ihre Meinung gefragt zu Linux-Gaming mit Proton im Test: Kleines Update für Steam, großer Schritt für Linux Rund 3.000 Spiele mit nativer Linux-Unterstützung gibt es inzwischen bei Steam. Viele davon sind Indie-Titel, aber auch der eine oder andere AAA-Titel hat es auf das.. I'm running dual boot Manjaro and Pop!_OS! with a shared Steam library. With my AMD-centric hardware setup Pop!_OS is definitely the better choice for gaming. It just works. With Manjaro I sometimes get microstutters, and other goofyness happen so be prepared to do some troubleshooting to get your games running smoothly. On my previous machine I gamed on Ubuntu, which I would put in. Re: Steam, Proton, DXVK, and Lutris, landscape of Linux gaming late 2018.. Earlier in the year, I tried using Steam, but had trouble getting actual games to work. Can't remember what the exact problem was, but I ended up with the impression that if you're going to use Steam in Arch Linux, you need to set it up on a dedicated gaming box, it's no good as just something tacked on to a general. Proton 5 now ships with the Steam for Linux client, Ubuntu, Manjaro and other popular distros make graphics driver installation even easier than on Windows. And gaming-centric distributions.

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So aktivieren Sie. Das Entsperren / Aktivieren von Steam Proton auf Ihrem Linux-basierten System ist einfach. Gehen Sie einfach zu Steam > die Einstellungen > Steam Play und schalten Sie die Option Steam Play für unterstützte Titel aktivieren um. Valve hat einige Steam-Titel getestet und repariert, und Sie können diese Titel jetzt spielen I'm pretty sure that proton doesn't use the same keyboard manager as gnome (or something like that), and that's why it doesn't register that I changed layouts. How do I get I to register my current layout, or make proton use QWERTY by default instead of using my default layout. My OS is Manjaro Gnome edition

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dxvk proton steam valve vkd3d wine: Licenses: custom Provides: proton Submitter: loathingkernel: Maintainer: loathingkernel: Last Packager: If you are using Manjaro, another derivative or an AUR helper, please mention it, I DO NOT TEST AGAINST THEM AND I CANNOT KNOW WHAT MIGHT BE WRONG WITH THE DISTRO/HELPER OF YOUR CHOICE. It takes a LOT of time and space to build. Building with multiple. Steam is one of the largest marketplaces for gaming. It hosts thousands of games from publishers all over the world. If you've ever been into gaming, then Steam is definitely a name you've heard. Steam also offers a dedicated client for easier management of games. How to install Steam on Fedora Linux is explained in this article

Manjaro is distinct from other OS as it provides full control over hardware. Users can easily run various applications of Windows like Proton, PlayonLinux, and Wine by Steam. Features of Manjaro. Let's consider the top features offered by Manjaro: This Linux operating system is free to use Incidentally, Steam Deck runs on Valve's Linux-based SteamOS operating system. Proton (via Steam Play) lets Windows games run on Linux. Steam OS is an Arch-based GNU/Linux distro with KDE Plasma as a desktop environment. It means that right now you can run Manjaro or Garuda, instill Steam and check how it will work with your favorite games.

Steam Proton not launching any games in Manjaro KDE and positive feelings in regards to GNU/Linux. support request. Close. 1. Posted by 3 hours ago. Steam Proton not launching any games in Manjaro KDE and positive feelings in regards to GNU/Linux. support request. Hello! This is my first ever post so yay!! Spoiler alert: I am a massive Linux noob (I do actually follow r/linux4noobs) and I'm Steam's Proton can be used to pay some Windows games flawlessly but this is not something you can count on. A lot of games will either work poorly or not at all. The site protondb has a growing list of reviews by Steam users who have tried running specific Windows games on Linux. That site rates games as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Borked. We do not recommend buying any Windows Steam. After a rather short testing period with the release candidates only being announced a few days ago, Valve has now pushed out the official release of Steam Play Proton 5.13-6. If you're not clear on what Proton and Steam Play are, be sure to check out our constantly updated dedicated page Не корректно работает Wine/Proton.Проблемы divinity original sin 2 definitive edition.[РЕШЕНО] Проблемы steam proton.проблема с steam.Как установить драйвера на AMD Radeon RX580?.Зависают игры.Проблема с локализацией в играх от Valve.Xorg умирает после запуска. I'm trying to use Proton to play some DX 2 games. I play a lot of them on Ubuntu and Manjaro, but no DX12 game works on Fedora 34 or 35 for me. DX11, 10 and 9 works just fine, but every game I try that requires DX12 e

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To enable Proton on Steam, go to Settings -> Steam Play and enable all the toggles under the Steam Play menu. In case the option is not available, you may have to update to Steam Beta. List of Best Linux Games in 2020 1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Counter Strike is one of the best Linux games in this list mainly because CS:GO has been natively developed for this open-source platform. Maybe i got unlucky Manjaro been buggy for me lately, tried Pop OS since yesterday really like it so far and everything out of the box. This may be my last distro hop until Steam OS 3.0 whenever that releases . spool. Member. Oct 27, 2017 629. Sep 24, 2021 #3,108 I gave Manjaro a shot and for a few days any web browser content in Steam was rendering to a black screen. Much of Steam is just web. Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG is the company behind the development of Manjaro, and this Linux operating system provides continuous updates to the users. This Linux is different as compared to other Linux OS as it gives full control over hardware. Users can easily run multiple Windows OS applications with suitable compatibility for different software such as Proton, PlayonLinux, and Wine by Steam, and. Manjaro - Gamers. Education 6 hours ago Manjaro comes preinstalled with Steam, so there's no need to go to a website and download it manually.Installing drivers, updates and more applications is handled through the package manager and Manjaro Hardware Detection Tool that will do all operations in just a couple of minutes and never requires or forces a restart of the system, unless you update.

Manjaro Steam CS:GO açılmıyor. Konuyu başlatan iloveichigo; Başlangıç Tarihi 25 Mayıs 2021; Amazon Çok Satanlar Listesi. iloveichigo Decipat. Katılım 17 Kasım 2020 Mesajlar 2.577 Makaleler 12 Çözümler 30 Yer ichigo'nun yanı. 25 Mayıs 2021 #1 Selamlar Fedora yüklüyken güzel CS:GO oynuyordum. Ağırlığı ve deposu yüzünden başka bir dağıtıma geçmek istedim. Go-Kart. One of the things that piqued my interest with the announcement of the Steam Deck was the OS it was running. Many will be familiar with SteamOS, at least as a concept. Since inception, SteamOS has been a Debian fork. However, SteamOS 3.0, which the newly announced Steam Deck will feature out of the box, is listed as being Arch-based Written October 3 2018 This is probably going to be my last update on this thread. After about a month now of playing and learning how to manipulate Proton along with Wine and DXVK, i've learned you can pretty much mix and match those three layers just about any way you want, And using the windows version of Steam (launch through Wine usually) is a thing of the past Cannot get Proton to work in Steam on Manjaro 21.0.2. Hello! I recently installed Manjaro KDE 21.0.2 on my desktop (2600k, R290, 16gb DDR3) and everything is working well including native linux games. However, when I try to fire up any titles that uses proton, a window opens for less than a second, my steam status goes into Playing a game the window immediately closes, and my status goes. Steam manjaro vs steam native. MaxCHEATER64. 2 years ago. This is generally consistent with what I have seen. Native offers generally better performance, runtime may solve compatibility issues. 2. level 1. murlakatamenka. 2 years ago. My opinion is that system runtime will potentially give nothing but headaches Long story short Ive been having some problems with proton that I've recently foudn.

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Manjaro supports more software because it has built in support for flatpak, snap and the AUR, but it's less user friendly than PopOS is for some stuff. manjaro has a pretty big following here though so if you can't figure something out just make a topic and me or others will likely be able to help I'm contemplating wether I should go with Manjaro or just wait for SteamOS 3.0. I really don't like that I can't see anything about SteamOS on Valve's website. It's just a DIY Steam box link with some words of caution and a download link, for the old version based on Debian of course. Is there any reason to wait or should I just go with Manjaro. Steam Proton Version: 3.16-7; Windows Vs. Steam Play (Proton) This first batch of benchmarks looks at the average framerates for Strange Brigade, Hitman 2 and F1 2018 on Windows 10 (their native. O Proton 5 agora deve estar disponível nas versões do Steam Play no Steam. Se você estiver interessado em testar o que oferece o projeto Proton em sua distro Linux preferida, a única exigência a ser cumprida, é instalar a versão beta do Steam Play for Linux ou juntar-se a versão beta do Linux a partir do cliente Steam (se eles já possuem Steam instalado em seu sistema) Auf dem Steam Deck läuft SteamOS 3.0, also eine Linux-Distribution, um via Steam Play (Proton) die kompatiblen Spiele zu starten. Dank der VKD3D-Kompatibilitätsschicht laufen selbst Direct3D-12. Proton 4.11-5 do Steam Play lançado com correções e otimizações. Esse software inclui a implementação do DirectX 10/11 (baseado no DXVK) e 12 (baseado no vkd3d), trabalhando através da tradução de chamadas do DirectX para a Vulkan API, fornece suporte aprimorado para controladores de jogos e capacidade de usar o modo de tela cheia, independentemente das resoluções de tela.